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What's New in HR?

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Thank you for visiting the Bloomington Public Schools Office of Human Resources Web Page. The staff of Bloomington Public Schools is our most important resource for providing learners in our community with a high quality educational system. The Human Resources Team looks forward to providing you with excellent service.

Labor Relations and Negotiations

The district is currently in negotiations with the following labor units: 

  • Association of Bloomington Clerical
  • Bloomington Federation of Paraprofessionals (BFP) Local #4399
  • Bloomington Federation of Teachers (BFT) Local #1182
  • Bloomington Principals’ Association
  • BPS Food Service Association
  • Custodial, Maintenance and Transportation Employees SEIU Local #284
  • Health Services Associates – BFT Local #1182

Click here for information on labor negotiations.

HSA and Deductibles for 2016 (11/12/15)

Good news!  Per the IRS the 2016 Minimum Deductible Amounts for High Deductible Health Plans will not change from our current deductible.  This means that the single deductible will stay at $1,300 and E+1/Family will be at $2,600 for our Preferred One health plan year 16-17.  The IRS has also issued the 2016 HSA contribution limits for the period January – December 2016.  Single will remain the same at $3,350 and family will increase $100 to $6,750.  Please remember that the IRS contribution level includes all contributions both employee and employer.   See the HSA webpage for more information.

Important Information Regarding HSA and Severance (11/5/15)

Are you thinking about retiring in 2016? Do you qualify for severance?  If you answered yes to both of these questions, you’ll want to keep reading.  According to the Minnesota State Retirement System (MSRS) where district severance money is deposited, you may not request reimbursement for medical expenses/premiums from your severance fund during a calendar year that you have contributions to a HSA.  The IRS considers having access to your severance account (MSRS) while also contributing to an HSA in the same calendar year as “conflicting coverage”.  If you have any contributions (personal or district) to your HSA, MSRS advises that you submit a MSRS suspension form to suspend reimbursements for the remainder of 2016.   In order to comply with the IRS interpretation, you might want to maximize your 2015 HSA personal contribution and change your personal and district contribution to “zero” for 2016.  Complete the HSA form  and submit to HR by December 4 to make a change to your 2016 HSA personal and district contribution


Effective March 27, 2015, FMLA will be extended to every legally married couple married in a state where it was legal, also known as "place of celebration".  This ruling changes the "state of residence" rule that applied under prior DOL guidance to "place of celebration" (which is based on where the marriage was entered into). This final rule replaces guidance regarding FMLA protections for same-sex spouses that was issued following the U.S. Supreme Court's decision on June 26, 2013.

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