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The district's new Capital Projects levy ($6 million/year for 10 years) to fund safety and security improvements, and an educational technologies plan to prepare students to compete in a global economy PASSED with YES votes: 6,975, NO votes: 6,558. We at Bloomington Public Schools wish to sincerely thank our community for supporting our district.  Please read a Thank You message from the Superintendent.

Progress updates on the Safety & Security Plan and the Next Technologies for Learning plan will be communicated to the public through School Pages newsletter, which is mailed to all residents in Bloomington, and on the district's website.

The Capital Projects levy supports:

  • student photo$2 million/year for safety and security measures for each of the district’s schools and support facilities.
  • $4 million/year for education technology to transform learning, and to engage and empower personalized learning experiences for all students.

The new levy replaces the current technology levy that was approved in 2007. That levy, which was tied to property valuations, initially called for $3 million per year for 10 years.

No Tax Increase

The Capital Projects levy will not increase taxes* on property owners for a minimum of four years thanks to our sound financial condition and ability to refinance current and future debt.

The district is adjusting its facilities bonds and levies each year to keep the tax rate level on the referendum.

* There could be other factors or levies that may cause school property taxes to increase or decrease. However, the Capital Projects referendum will not cause property taxes to go up for a minimum of four years.
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