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Strategic Plan

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The Bloomington Public School District is an educational leader developing in all our learners the ability to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

Core Values — What drives our words and behavior

  • Respect — Treat others as you want to be treated.
  • Responsibility — Take ownership of your actions.
  • Integrity — Live up to your word.
  • Citizenship — Strive to improve our community and our schools.
  • Honesty — Tell the truth.
  • Teamwork — Help each other be successful.

Vision — What we intend to create

The Vision of Bloomington Public Schools is to create Pathways to Graduation for all learners to prepare them for the next level of study, to graduate, and to enter college or a career with the necessary skills to be successful.

Each learner will have a Personal Growth Plan that prepares them to meet the following milestones:
  • Pre-School Ready
  • Ready for Kindergarten
  • Reading by Third Grade
  • Middle School Ready
  • High School Ready
  • College and Career Ready 

Strategic Directions — What moves us toward our vision

Maximize learner growth and close the achievement gap by:
  • Delivering INSTRUCTION/educational programs designed to help learners meet or exceed Pathways to Graduation milestones.
  • Establishing a comprehensive system of LEARNING SUPPORTS to help overcome barriers to learning.
  • Ensuring MANAGEMENT focuses resources, staff, and programs to sustain the district’s strategic plan. 
Strategic Plan adopted by the school board Jan. 12, 2015.