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Open Enrollment

Minnesota's Open Enrollment Program allows students to apply to attend a public school outside of the district in which they reside. Once accepted for enrollment, the student does not have to reapply. Transportation is provided by the parent/guardian.

Open enrollment is only for students that live outside of the city of Bloomington. If you live in Bloomington and would like to transfer schools, please refer to the intra-district transfer page.

Application Process

1. Complete the online registration process.

2. Complete the open enrollment form. Please be sure to indicate your school preferences on the form. Bloomington Public Schools is exempt from the Jan. 15 deadline referred to on the MDE form.

Applications can be sent via fax (952-681-6465), email ( or mail:

Bloomington Public Schools
Attn: Alyssa Holliday
1350 W. 106th St.
Bloomington, MN 55431

Additional Steps for High School Students

3. Meet with your building representative(s) which may include an administrator and/or counselor.

4. Meet with a counselor to develop a schedule and graduation plan.

Once all steps above are completed, the school will complete the final authorization and set a date for your student to start school.


Alyssa Holliday
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