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Summer SLAM

Effective Tuesday, July 16, all Summer SLAM classes and programs will be moved from Olson Middle School to Jefferson High School for the remainder of the summer schedule. For those who are registered, Extended Care will also be moved to Jefferson.

Jefferson is located two blocks east of Olson at 4001 W. 102nd St. Please enter through Door #1, the school’s main entrance.

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Safe House

Join the Bloomington Safe House Parent Network! As a Safe House Parent Network participant, you agree to create a healthy community - one house at a time. Your pledge signifies that you will provide a safe, tobacco, alcohol, and drug-free environment for youth. Your participation in this network allows you an opportunity to stand together with other parents to provide a clear message to teens that there will be no use of alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs among youth in your home.


  • Provides a way for parents to support each other;
  • Strengthens parent-to-parent communication;
  • Connects parents to other parents;
  • Provides access to tools and resources around prevention; and
  • Presents a clear message to youth that underage use is not allowed.


  • I will not allow the possession or use of alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs by youth in my home and/or on my property.
  • I will actively supervise all gatherings of youth in my home and/or on my property.
  • I will ensure my home is supervised if I am out of town.
  • I will prevent easy access to alcohol and other drugs (including prescription drugs) in my home and/or on my property.
  • I will assure a safe environment free of underage drinking and other drug use for any friends of my son/daughter who enter my home.
  • I welcome phone calls and other means of communication from other parents/guardians.
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