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School Canceled Wednesday, Feb. 20
Due to the projected snowstorm, Bloomington Public Schools will be closed on Wednesday, February 20. This includes all early childhood through grade 12 schools in the district.

Additionally, the following programs have been canceled:
  • All early childhood programs, including preschool, ECFE, ECSE and screening programs.
  • Kids’ SAFARI, Early Learners Academy and Galaxy
  • Metro South Adult Basic Education
  • Community Education
  • Adult and youth enrichment classes
  • The district’s two Activity Centers at Jefferson and Kennedy high schools
High school students participating in athletics/activities should check with their coaches.

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Early Success Videos 2

Bloomington Kindergarten teachers created a Kindergarten DVD in order to meet the needs of our youngest learners. Each segment highlights letters, sounds, numbers, or words that we want children to know by the end of their kindergarten experience. A DVD is given to each kindergarten family so that children can continue practicing at home. We have posted the clips on our website in order to provide another way to access the information. We encourage families to watch the clips and repeat the chants together for a fun and interactive learning time.

Click on a link below and enjoy!

Math: Number Identification and Counting

Sight Words

Blending Words

Segmenting Words