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Afternoon Community Education programs cancelled
Due to a water main break near the Bloomington Community Education Campus, water has been shut off in the building indefinitely. As a result, the following programs are cancelled for the afternoon:
  • Community Education and Metro South programs
  • Bloomington Career and College Academy (BCCA)
  • Bloomington Transition Center (BTC)
Career and College Academy students will remain at their home school. Students attending BTC will be transported home, and their parents have been notified.

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Secondary Art

Art is an essential part of any education. The arts develop a sense of accomplishment through work, visual literacy, cultural values, and aesthetic perception. Children deserve the enriching curriculum of the arts in order to fully develop their creative, analytic, and problem solving abilities.

Standards and Course Descriptions

The Introduction to the Art Curriculum Guide provides an overview of the Secondary Art program in Bloomington Public Schools. Art Definitions and the K-8 Art Scope and Sequence can provide additional information about these courses. Click on the individual standards and course descriptions below for more detailed information.

Middle School
High School

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