Bloomington Online School: Elementary School

Bloomington Online School at the elementary level (grades K-5) provides classroom communities that maximize opportunities for students to engage with each other and their teacher while supporting social skill development. 

Students engage in a balance of direct teacher instruction, independent work, group work and hands-on practice and creation. Students have access to all the academic supports and services that exist in a face-to-face classroom.

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Our Mission

Bloomington Online School believes every child comes to us with valuable life experiences and perspectives. BOS is committed to a culturally responsive, student-centered environment where learners feel valued, encouraged, and represented in our school community. Bloomington Online School provides classroom communities that maximize social skill development and promote academic rigor.

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BOS Kindergarten Information

BOS held our kindergarten orientation night on Feb. 4. We're excited to welcome all of our new kindergarteners this fall! 

Kindergarten Orientation Presentation

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