Bloomington Online School

Bloomington Online School is a new, fully online enrollment option for K-12 Bloomington families. Students attend school online each day and work with their teachers to complete learning activities specifically designed for their grade level. Students learn the same concepts and curriculum as their in-school counterparts but the delivery will be adapted to help students succeed in an online environment.

Bloomington Online School is...

  • taught by Bloomington Public Schools teachers
  • aligned with BPS curriculum and Minnesota state standards
  • designed to meet the same high levels of academic rigor present in traditional school
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Bloomington Online School: Elementary School (Grades K-5)

Bloomington Online School at the elementary level provides classroom communities that maximize opportunities for students to engage with each other and their teacher while supporting social skill development. 

Students engage in a balance of direct teacher instruction, independent work, group work and hands-on practice and creation. Students have access to all the academic supports and services that exist in a face-to-face classroom. 

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Bloomington Online School: Middle School (Grades 6-8)

Bloomington Online School at the middle school level focuses on connection and community. Students are part of an online learning community and engage with students and teachers to connect and collaborate. 

All middle school students have BPS-issued Chromebooks and access to ongoing tech support. 

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Bloomington Online School: High School (Grades 9-12)

Bloomington Online School at the high school level is built on highly successful online courses taught in BPS high schools since 2017. In the 2019-20 academic year, 38 percent of high school students were enrolled in at least one online course. 

Bloomington Online School courses provide students with a consistent schedule that includes both online live sessions and independent work. 

All high school students have BPS-issued Chromebooks and access to ongoing tech support. Bloomington Online School high school courses use Canvas as a shared online space. 

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Enrollment for Students in Kindergarten-12th Grade

Current Bloomington Public Schools students interested in joining Bloomington Online School should contact the principal of their current school. 

Students new to Bloomington can enroll by visiting to begin the online enrollment process. 

FAQs: Enrollment

Due to the unusual school circumstances this year, you will not lose the spot in the school you are enrolled in. You will be able to return to your 2019-20 school for 2021-22 or choose to remain in Bloomington Online School.

Administrators will work with families if the need arises to make a switch in the middle of the year. However, families should be aware that becoming a student at Bloomington Online School is a long-term commitment. Just as switching between traditional schools mid-year can be disruptive to students, it may also be disruptive to switch from Bloomington Online School.

Families outside the district should complete the open enrollment process and select "Bloomington Online School" as an option.

FAQs: Academic Program

All Bloomington Public Schools programs and models use, assess and report on the same academic standards. Bloomington Online School is designed to meet the same high level of academic rigor as traditional schools.

Yes. We are currently planning to have a single section per grade level so those students would already naturally be classmates

Yes. Students should apply to the program and then have a follow-up meeting to determine how and if the program is able to provide the services needed for the student.

Bloomington Online School does not have a parallel to the fully developed Elements, Dimensions Academy and Nobel gifted and talented (GT) programs. The BOS development teams are working to differentiate to meet the needs of all students and will be collaborating with the GT department to design acceleration and enrichment opportunities for gifted students who enroll in Bloomington Online School.  

Some honors and AP courses are offered at the high school level. We are striving to offer a well-rounded program, but not all classes will be available in an online format.

See the job postings on the district HR webpage for information about qualifications.

Social skill development, relationship building, and community are essential components of the K-5 Bloomington Online School. In order to support implementation of these components, we will be prioritizing synchronous time that allows students to connect with their teacher and their classmates.

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FAQs: School Services

No, students typically won’t get school-provided meals. Upon request, students could join lunch at the partner school (Washburn Elementary School, Valley View Middle School, or Jefferson or Kennedy high schools). Additionally, if the BPS grab and go meal program is running, online students are eligible for that pickup meal service. Additional community services and partners are available to help families gain access to food and other services.

Yes. Middle and high school students can participate in activities with their boundary school (determined by address) or the school they attended in the 2019-20 school year. All Bloomington Online middle schoolers are also eligible to participate in Valley View Middle School activities.

Students at Bloomington Online School will have access to the following health services through BPS Health Services:

  • Recording and tracking state required immunizations or exemptions to attend school
  • Sharing pertinent health conditions and needs with nurse and staff of Bloomington Online School
  • Arranging for hearing and/or vision screening
  • Assessing and servicing existing IEPs and/or 504s with health needs
  • Recording sports physicals for athletic eligibility
  • Providing resources and education related to health and COVID-19

For other health needs, families are encouraged to consult their family health care provider or The Health Commons at Pond Center which provides services at no charge.

As we anticipated in May, MDE's reopening guidelines stipulated families should be offered a fully remote option. Having a specific program to serve students who are unable to attend school strikes the best balance between quality learning, supporting and retaining our students, and balancing teacher workload. There are no plans to hire an administrator for Bloomington Online School.


With questions about Bloomington Online School enrollment or programming, email or call 952-681-6555.