Facilities Rental

Bloomington Public Schools welcomes the public to make use of our facilities. School buildings in Bloomington are available during non-school hours and are great for group activities and meetings. With 19 different buildings, there is always one conveniently located within the city.

Rental Facilities

  • Auditoriums
  • Classrooms
  • Gym Courts
  • Lunch Rooms
  • Media Centers
  • Pools
  • Turf Fields


  1. Print the Facility Use Request Form and fill in the contact information for your group.
  2. Indicate what the event is and the dates and times you are requesting, along with the approximate number of people attending/participating.
  3. Select and rank your location preferences. You should indicate more than one as it may not always be possible to accommodate your first choice. 
  4. Indicate any special needs you may have and include detailed instructions and notes that will assist us in fulfilling your requirements.
  5. Mail, fax, email or drop off your request form with the Building Reservations department using the contact information on the form.

You will receive a customer schedule via email confirming your reservation.


Robert Bellinger
Building Reservations Clerk

Mike Larson
Building Reservations and Activity Centers Manager
952-806-7882 - Jefferson Activity Center
952-681-5282 - Kennedy Activity Center