GRASP Summer Program

Published on Mar 29, 2022

Retain your child's skills in math and reading this summer!

Bloomington Community Education is offering our GRASP program once again this summer.  

GRASP is a nine-week correspondence program for grades K-8, that helps students maintain reading and math skills while they are on summer vacation. Each lesson is constructed to reinforce or reteach typical basic skills generally found in most curricula at a particular grade level.

Registration for GRASP is open.  You must complete registration by April 22, 2022.

Registration fee is $37 for one subject and $64 for both.  

  • One lesson per subject is completed each week for nine weeks.
  • Each lesson should take approximately one hour per week to complete.
  • Completed lessons are mailed to a scoring center in the envelopes provided. The lessons are scored, results recorded and returned to the children.
  • Children successfully completing at least 7 lessons (70% accuracy) are awarded a certificate.Those successfully completing all 9 lessons will receive a medal soon after Labor Day.
  • Instruction sheets found in each packet provide all the necessary information to complete each lesson.
  • Children attending elementary grades at Bloomington Public Schools will have materials sent home with them the last week of school.Middle School and all others will be mailed in early June.
  • We suggest parents order the grade level just completed. If your child is working at a different grade level, please order the most appropriate grade level.