Computer Science Programs

computer science students test robot

Computer Science Immersion programs in Bloomington Public Schools provide deep, immersive experiences centered on skill-building through creative exploration and joy. The Computer Science Immersion program provides opportunities for students to learn computer science in the context of other subject areas, exemplifying computer science’s vast impact on all disciplines. This unique program serves students from six Bloomington Public Schools schools: Indian Mounds Elementary, Poplar Bridge Elementary, New Code Academy Elementary, Olson Middle School, Valley View Middle School and New Code Academy Middle School.

What is different about the Computer Science Immersion experience?


  • Students receive 1 hour of computer science instruction that is co-taught by a Computer Science teacher and the classroom teacher. 
  • All teachers and staff receive training on computer science tools, concepts, and practices and work to integrate computer science into other disciplines.

Middle School 

  • Students take 2 quarters of Computer Science each year in addition to the following integrated courses
    • Health & Computer Science (6-8th grade)
    • Art & Computer Science (6-8th grade)
    • Social Studies & Computer Science (6th grade)
    • Language Arts & Computer Science (7th grade)
    • Science & Computer Science (8th grade)

Bloomington Public Schools believes that computer science is a new literacy for the 21st century. “In our new digital age, students must be able to do more than simply use a computer; they must understand how computers and algorithms work, explore potential applications and impact, and develop the skills required to creatively use this knowledge to solve real-world problems.” ( We provide broad computer science exposure for all students through standalone and integrated computer science experiences.


  • All Bloomington Public Schools students engage in at least 2 computer science experiences per year. These experiences will be led by each school’s Technology Integrationist.

Middle School 

  • All students receive 1 quarter of the exploratory course “Computer Science and Technologies” in grades 6-8

Goals of Bloomington’s high school computer science program:

  • Offer both introductory and Advanced Placement courses as well as a variety of courses which allow students to pursue areas of interest.
  • Broaden participation, to represent the student population as a whole.
  • Strengthen and apply knowledge and skills, in order to engineer solutions to real-world problems.

What Computer Science courses are offered in Bloomington Public Schools?

Introductory & Foundational Courses:

  • Exploring Computer Science (1 trimester)
  • Computer Science Principles (3 trimesters)
  • AP Computer Science Principles (3 trimesters)

Areas of Exploration:

  • Advanced Programming: AP Computer Science A (3 trimesters)
  • Data Science (1 trimester)
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (1 trimester)
  • Cybersecurity (1 trimester)
  • Robotics (1 trimester)
  • Web Design and Development (1 trimester)
  • App Design and Development (1 trimester)
  • Video Game Design and Development (1 trimester)

Real-world Experiences:

  • Genesys Works
  • Access Point

Additionally, Bloomington continues to build partnerships with the local tech industry to provide opportunities for students who are passionate about computer science. Currently, we are developing a program for students who have taken computer science courses to participate in a mentorship program during the school year with Target computer scientists and have the opportunity to join a paid internship program at Target headquarters in the summer. Look for more details about this great opportunity in the 2022-23 school year.

Bloomington strives to give computer science exposure to all while also providing opportunities for students who are passionate to dive deeper. 

 After-school opportunitiesSummer opportunities
Grades K-5
Community Education classes 
Middle School
Grades 6-8
  • Robotics (Valley View Middle School only)
  • TechnovationVideo
  • Game Design
High School
Grades 9-12
  • Jefferson High School Clubs and Activities
  • Kennedy High School Clubs and Activities
  • Tech department internship program 
  • Computer Science education internship program