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Bloomington reaches tentative agreement on new teacher contract

Sept. 22, 2016

Bloomington Public Schools and the Bloomington Federation of Teachers (BFT) have reached a tentative agreement on a new two-year contract for the district’s more than 850 licensed staff.

The tentative agreement was reached today following an all-day mediation session.

The tentative agreement is within the School Board’s parameter, and will now be presented to the BFT membership for a ratification vote within the next two weeks.

Specific details about the agreement are confidential until the ratification vote is completed.

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Office of the Assistant Superintendent

Welcome to the Bloomington Public Schools!

As a leader in the field of education, the Bloomington Public Schools are committed to developing ALL of our learners so that they are prepared to thrive in a rapidly changing world. 

Our classrooms are focused on advancing the achievement of all students by assuring that every child possesses strong foundational skills in reading, writing, and mathematics.  These skills are then applied though a rich set of offerings integrated throughout the PreK-12 curriculum allowing us to provide all students with an educational experience that embraces 21st century skills.

We are proud of the tradition of excellence that has been established in the Bloomington Public Schools and continue to embed innovation and current best practices throughout the school district.  The school district has numerous examples of successful programs and initiatives in place, which are focused on meeting the strategic directions outlined in the Strategic Plan 

We invite you to learn more about our schools and programs by further exploring our website.  We are confident that you will find many topics of interest and encourage you to also look for opportunities to participate, volunteer, and partner with us as we work to successfully prepare our students for the future.


Eric Melbye
Assistant Superintendent


Eric Melbye
Assistant Superintendent
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