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District Mentor Program

District Program Goals

The Bloomington Mentor Program was established in 1989 to unite experienced and newly hired teachers in making the transition from theory to practice. The program works toward these goals:

  1. To become knowledgeable about resources, procedures, curricula and needs of students in the Bloomington Schools.
  2. To develop and refine the skills related to: classroom management, school/home communication, diversity, effective instruction, the Bloomington curriculum and Minnesota Graduation Standards.
  3. To gain confidence and competence as an educator.
  4. To be open to feedback from the mentor(s).
  5. To be receptive to collegial support.
  6. To identify a personal professional development plan.
  7. To further develop the ability to reflect on one's own teaching.

First-Year Mentoring Program  

Monthly seminars for ongoing staff development:
  • Annual theme (Classroom Management via Research-based/Best Practices Instructional Strategies)
  • District mentors coordinate monthly meetings for active teacher learning
  • First year teachers plan lessons based on topic for that month
District mentors observe teachers in classroom setting, including:
  • Three formal observations, plus pre or post conferencing - except for elementary specialists (phy. ed., art, music, media), who receive two formal observations, plus post conference
  • Multiple informal visits
  • Facilitate reflective dialogue on instructional strategies
District mentors provide on going support:
  • Find resources
  • Help with lesson planning
  • Team teach – when appropriate
  • Make connections
  • Document support
  • Write letters of recommendations

Second Year Mentoring Program

The Second Year Program will focus heavily on reflection. The second year teacher will be given the opportunity to observe district colleagues in their classrooms and to reflect on their experiences with their mentor, who will accompany them to the observations.

2018-2019 Handbook


Andrew Bassani
Elementary District Instructional Mentor

Susan Bianchi
Secondary District Instructional Mentor

Chris Reano
Student Services District Instructional Mentor

Sue Solberg
Program Support
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