About Us

Welcome to Bloomington Early Learning Services, a four-star Parent-Aware rated program encompassing early childhood family education (ECFE), early childhood screening and preschool programming for three-year-olds and four-year-olds. Through these programs, we aim to ensure our youngest learners  have a strong foundation for lifelong learning. 

The mission of Bloomington Early Learning Services is to provide an equitable, inclusive and culturally responsive learning environment that promotes whole child growth and development, through play-based, high quality, programs and instruction for children and families to grow and learn together.

Program Locations

ECFE programming is offered at: 

  • Pond Center
  • Southwood Center
  • Valley View Elementary. 

Preschool classes offered at:

  • Pond Center
  • Southwood
  • Hillcrest Community School
  • Normandale Hills Elementary
  • Oak Grove Elementary
  • Valley View Elementary
  • Washburn Elementary
  • Westwood Elementary

Early Childhood Screening takes place at Pond Center and is recommended to take place at age 3. 

Early Success Videos

Bloomington Kindergarten teachers created a set of learning videos in order to meet the needs of our youngest learners. Each video highlights letters, sounds, numbers, or words that we want children to know by the end of their kindergarten experience.

View the clips on our Early Success YouTube playlist and repeat the chants together for a fun and interactive learning experience.


952-681-6200 - English
952-681-6219 - Español
952-681-6269 - Soomaali

Pond Center
9600 3rd Ave S.
Bloomington, MN 55420

Sarah Moline
Early Learning and Youth & Family Services Director

Molly Hey
Early Learning Services Manager

Tom Bennett
Pond Center School Board Ambassador

Beth Beebe
Southwood Center School Board Ambassador