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We partner with local organizations like libraries, Creekside Community Center, Bloomington Public Health, daycare providers, and more! We support...

  • Families with children age 0-5
  • Childcare providers serving young families
  • Community partners looking to engage young families
Our Services

8:30 a.m. ECFE Rise and Shine
Great way to wake up!
Music, movement and stretching
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12:45 p.m. ECFE Quiet Time
Come and calm down
Breathing, books and music
Join us!

We also offer the free appointments to talk directly with a parent educator about your unique parenting challenges, find resources or develop a plan that will fit you and your family.

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Our programs benefit families with children ages 0-5 and address topics like challenging behavior, figuring out routines, toilet training, sibling relationships, developmental concerns and other parenting challenges. 

Due to COVID-19, many of our programs are on hold. Contact us for the latest information.


Child care providers play a critical role in the early learning of young children. We can help you address specific behavior challenges, take advantage of community resources for children or simply be a sounding board for child development challenges you may be experiencing.

Talk directly with our expert team about your specific issues, get resources and develop a plan that will fit you and your business. 

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The Bloomington Early Learning Advisory Council is a group of interested parents and community stakeholders who seek to strengthen the parent commitment to Bloomington ECFE as well as advise and advocate on behalf of all of Bloomington Early Learning Services which includes ECFE, early childhood screening, preschool, and Early Childhood Special Education.

We meet monthly to further these aims:

  • To increase awareness of ECFE so more families know about it
  • To organize events that bring our families together
  • To raise money to support our Early Learning programs
  • To provide feedback to continually improve our Early Learning programs

If you are interested in learning more about or joining the Advisory Council, please contact one of our parent leaders:

Tara Owens

Sonia Esteva Cruz
Se habla español


We're always looking for new ways to connect with Bloomington children and better serve families! We welcome your questions, ideas and feedback. 

Emily Conigliaro

Para ayuda en español 
Antonio Caudillo
Spanish Community Liaison

Hadii aad u baahan tahay caawinaad dheereaad oo Somali ah, Fadlan soo Wac
Quresh Hassan
Somali Community Liaison