Bloomington Early Learning Services is here for you

Published on Mar 27, 2020

Even though schools are not open, we are here during this distance learning period and want to support our Early Learning families. Whether you have a quick question about picky eating or discipline, or you need ongoing support, please reach out to any of the following staff members with your questions and concerns. 

Emily Conigliaro, parent educator 952-681-6228
Eve Clarke, parent educator 952-681-6973
Sarah Sundberg Perry, parent educator para español, 952-681-6256
Debra Goebel, ECFE coordinator and parent educator 952-681-6257
Melissa Nesbitt, school psychologist 952-806-8940
Livia VanHorne, school social worker 952-806-8939


Si tiene preguntas de cualquier cosa sobre sus ninos, (nutricion, disciplina, apoyo de cualquier cosa), puede mandarme un email a o llamarme al numero abajo y yo trato de ayudar. ¡Cuidense todos!

Parent Tips: Supporting your child through uncertain times

(Español / Soomaali)

  • Be a calm presence.  Model the behavior you want to see from them. 
  • Limit media messages and information that might be upsetting to you and/or children.
  • Set a simple daily schedule and maintain a routine as much as possible.
  • Use simple language when your child asks you questions. Answer them without giving extra information. For example, if your child asks “Why is school closed?” simply say “To help keep people healthy.” However, if they ask more, answer more! 
  • Ask your child what they think. You might be surprised and encouraged by the ideas they have.
  • Remember to take care of yourself. This can be a stressful time for everyone. We can not take care of our children’s emotional needs well if we feel stressed. 
  • Stay connected to SeeSaw and share your ideas with others.
  • Talking to children about COVID-19