Helping Children With Empathy

Published on Apr 08, 2020

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Parents and Caregivers,

By now, you have likely found some joys and some struggles with this temporary new normal. When thinking about our youngest children and how we can best support them, it is often helpful to look to experts that have been giving parents high-quality information for many years. One such person is Dr. Becky Bailey, and the program she developed called Conscious Discipline.

Our Early Learning Services team has been working hard all year learning about this approach to supporting children’s emotional development and so we again turn to her resources for insight on helping our children through the coronavirus pandemic. The excerpt below comes from her website. The full article is here.

Your Child’s Emotions

As you answer children’s questions, big emotions are likely to bubble up. The Skill of Empathy provides us a lifeline in these difficult moments. There is a helpful way called the DNA Process.

  • Describe what emotions you see your child has. “Your face is going like this (mimic the expression).” Pause to breathe deeply with your child.
  • Name the feeling. “You seem sad.”
  • Acknowledge the desire behind the emotion. Talk about what you think your child was hoping for…. “You were hoping…” or “You wanted…”

Sometimes there’s no easy solution for the problems at hand, at which time safety and comfort become our focus. 

We're Here For You

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