Parent Tip of the Week: Answering Kids’ Hard Questions

Published on Jun 08, 2020

Español / Soomaali

Kids seem to ask the hardest questions! Their young minds do not have all the filters we do, so they are honest in their questions and wonderings. Sometimes questions might catch us off guard and leave us unsure of what exactly to say. So here are a few tips for answering kids' hard questions:

  • Ask them what they think first. Sometimes, we might think they are asking a totally different question until we get a little more information from them.
  • Keep your answers short, but honest. If they ask “where do babies come from?” You might start with “From a mommy’s uterus.” That might be all they are looking for and do not need more explaining.
  • Always be honest. It is important that your children know they can trust you.
  • If it is not a good time to talk about the question, tell them you can talk about it later, and be sure to follow through on that!
  • If you do not know the answer, that is okay! Tell them you do not know and then work together to figure out where to find an answer.

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