Parent Tip of the Week: Exploring Nature

Published on Jun 16, 2020

Español / Soomaali

Spending time in nature helps children in many ways! It helps them learn how to judge the risks in a situation and think about how much they can handle. It encourages them to pay attention for longer and notice details. It reduces stress levels for children and adults. Plus, it’s just plain fun. 

Helping kids appreciate nature can be as simple as stopping to listen while outside your home. What can you hear? Birds? The wind in the trees? What can you feel? The sun on your face? The scratchy soft grass on your feet? 

You might try to find a favorite place outside and go back to it again and again. How does it change from week to week and season to season? Can you think of different things to do there today? 

Try visiting a local, regional, or state park. Balance on a log, climb on rock or splash in a muddy wetland. Follow your child’s lead; see what they will lead you to that you might not have noticed without them. 

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