Parent Tip of The Week: Managing Distance Learning

Published on Apr 27, 2020

Español / Soomaali

Families that have several children may find themselves struggling with how to balance distance learning for everyone. Remember this is new to all of us, even teachers! If your family is struggling, let the teacher know so they can support you and make changes. 

Here are a few tips to help:

  • Have your children help decide on a flexible schedule. School work might not always have to be during the traditional “school day”.
  • Ask older children to help younger children when possible. 
  • Expect older children to be able to work independently with some check-ins to help them plan what to do next.
  • Help each child find what learning environment works best for them.
  • Give everyone breaks for movement, games, and fun. This can be done all together as a family.

When things get hard and you feel overwhelmed by all the things expected of you, choose an activity to connect with each other. Next week we will share some creative ideas on how to connect with your family in new ways.

We're Here For You

Remember, the ELS team is here to support you and want to hear from you! Please reach out to any of the following staff:

Emily Conigliaro, parent educator 952-681-6228
Eve Clarke, parent educator 952-681-6973
Sarah Sundberg Perry, parent educator para español, 952-681-6256
Debra Goebel, ECFE coordinator and parent educator 952-681-6257
Melissa Nesbitt, school psychologist 952-806-8940
Livia VanHorne, school social worker 952-806-8939