Elementary Gifted Programs

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Parent Information Meetings

An information meeting about Elementary Gifted and Talented programs was held Tuesday, November 28.

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Elements Overview

Students with high intellectual capabilities thrive in our Elements program for grades 2-5.

Our Elements program consists of:

  • Classroom cohort model
  • Curriculum features increased pace, depth and complexity compared to general classrooms. 
  • Research-based, designed to meet the unique learning and social/emotional needs of gifted students.
  • Many students progress to the Nobel or  DA middle school programs.
  • Located at Oak Grove and Ridgeview elementary schools.

Elements Placement Criteria Targets 

  • 90 percent or higher score on reading and math achievement tests.
  • 90% or higher on the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) which is administered to most Bloomington Public Schools first graders OR 90% or higher on at least two of the first three subtests of an IQ test (like the WISC-V) plus at least 90% on the overall/composite score.  Please note that IQ testing must be administered by an approved licensed provider.
  • High teacher recommendation. BPS students - no form needed. Out-of-district applicants please complete the recommendation form on the application page.
  • Applicants with the highest cumulative scores are placed first. District students are given priority. 
  • Because different programs are offered at each level fifth-graders will be retested for middle school programs and eighth-graders will be retested for high school programs. If a family has a prior IQ test, they may submit that in place of additional ability testing.

Renaissance Program Overview

Students with high intellectual capabilities and desire the opportunity to explore critical and creative thinking models will thrive in our Renaissance program. Renaissance intentionally focuses on serving students who have traditionally been underserved by gifted and talented programs and will work toward giving each student a choice and option to progress into any of our middle school advanced learner options (DA, Nobel, etc.). 

  • Classroom cohort model
  • Capable of performing above grade level in all curricular areas
  • Curriculum features increased pace, depth, and complexity compared to general classrooms. 
  • Located at Washburn Elementary School

Renaissance Placement Criteria Targets 

  • 90 percent or higher on the CogAT Test of cognitive abilities. 
  • Achievement scores in math and/or reading that do not match cognitive abilities.
  • Applicants with the highest cumulative scores are placed first. This program is open to BPS students at schools who are participating in our Javits grant, including Indian Mounds, Oak Grove, Valley View, Washburn and Westwood elementary schools.

For All Learners

In addition to the Elements, Renaissance, and Dimensions Academy programs, Gifted and Talented staff are available to collaborate with elementary schools to support staff in meeting the needs of all learners.