Artful Learning Makes a Lasting Impact

Published on Mar 04, 2020

A former student credits her Artful Learning education at Hillcrest with enriching a museum visit years later. Zoey Coval is now a high school sophomore, but she hasn't forgotten the art education she received at Hillcrest in her younger years. During a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City last year, her mom recalls how Zoey quickly recognized several pieces of art she had studied in elementary school. That prompted her to seek out more works of art she remembered learning about at Hillcrest. 

"As a parent, I was amazed at how much she remembered and how excited she was to find other pieces once she realized some were there. That discovery made the museum visit much more exciting,' said Zoey's mom Marcie. "She was even more excited to share the pieces she found with her sister who had also attended Hillcrest. To see my teenage daughters share that experience and knowledge they learned as young girls was pretty amazing."

 Artful Learning is an instructional model that stimulates and deepens academic learning through the arts. It allows students to use the arts as windows into every content area. Students use arts-based strategies as tools for exploring interdisciplinary content and expressing what they have learned.