Staff Professional Development

We are committed to promoting the continuous professional growth of all school district employees. District and building-based initiatives, workshops, committees and meetings are electronically submitted and posted on the Frontline professional development tracking system.

Some PD offerings are available to non-BPS employees. Please call 952-681-6482 to check availability and register.

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The purpose of TCEC is to enhance cultural sustaining instructional practices drawing on the professional expertise of local and national experts to further develop knowledge and skills. Educators from across the metro will be attending to learn, collaborate, and grow in their practice.

June 10-12, 2024

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Bloomington Public Schools
Educational Services Center
1350 W. 106th Street
Bloomington, MN 55431

The Bloomington Staff Mentor Program was established in 1989 to unite experienced and newly hired licensed staff in making the transition from theory to practice. Our mission is to empower and equip each staff member as they guide students to succeed in a rapidly changing world. 

This is a two-year program. Staff in years one and two of the program each have their own goals to work towards. Please review the Staff Mentor Handbook to see the goals, expectations and components of the program. 

Staff Mentor Handbook

Program Resources


Kristen Power
K-12 District Instructional Mentor

Kambria Johnson
Special Education Instructional Mentor

Sue Solberg
Program Support

The Professional Development Fund (PDF) is a sum of money available for professional development for all Bloomington Federation Teachers. The goals of the PDF are to:

  • provide opportunities for teachers to continue their professional development.
  • provide time and support for teachers to improve student learning.
  • foster sharing and collaboration.
  • create new models of instruction.

PDF Fund Overview

  • Workshops, conferences, curriculum writing, site visits, any professional activity germane to your current teaching assignment is eligible for consideration. Any request that relates to your personal, professional growth will be considered.
  • Preference is given to applications for local opportunities. Applicants who wish to attend an out of state event should explain why this experience is unique and not available in Minnesota. We do have a transportation expense cap and a per person expense cap.
  • Applicants should request funds from their site Staff Development committee first to cover the cost of subs. If the request is denied, the applicant should state this on the form and add the cost of the sub to their total. A reserve teacher costs $125 per day.
  • PDF covers member rates only. If the applicant is not a member of the group they should pay to become a member or cover the difference in rates.
  • PDF does not limit the number of people that can attend a metro area conference, but does limit the number of people for out-of-state conferences. There also may be a limit of available reserve teachers.
  • PDF does not cover any food/beverage/meal costs. 
  • PDF does not cover anyone who is not a member of the BFT or on a teacher contract (i.e. paraprofessionals, etc.)

How to Apply

Google Site: Summer Passion Projects

PDF Committee:
Jennie Berglund, OGMS - Co-chair
Evan Ziegler, VVMS - Co-chair
Heidi Simons, JHS
Tracy Vermilyea, HC
Wendy Marczak, BFT President

Bloomington Public Schools Employees and External Teachers

The Bloomington Public Schools Continuing Ed/Relicensure Committee meets once a month during the school year to approve clock hour requests and to recommend relicensure. Clock hours are hours for actual participation in planned professional development. Clock hours are granted for experiences that help maintain and improve professional skills and abilities.

If you have questions that are not answered after reading through the License Requirements at PELSB (select License and Permission Types) contact Carla Richter at or the Relicensure Committee at