Sara Gokey portrait

Sara Gokey

Welcome to Room C106 at the SUN Center at Olson Elementary School! This will be my 3rd school year teaching at SUN and I love it.  I finished my Masters of Education from the University of Minnesota in December 2014 and have my licensure in Special Education.  I have been teaching at SUN since January 2015.  Before teaching, I worked within Bloomington for several years as a paraprofessional and with the Kids' Safari program.  From working in the district, I have discovered what a great community Bloomington is and was happy to accept a position here.  

In the classroom, we have a great team of professionals working together to meet the needs of all students and promoting independence in the school environment.  We try to engage students in learning based on their own interests while learning and exploring new information.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more don't hesitate to contact me!

DCD Teacher
Indian Mounds Elementary
(952) 681-6034
Class Name
SP00-HR 13 Homeroom - Attendance