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Exploring school stadium options

Jefferson and Kennedy high school leaders, coaches and student athletes are proposing on-site stadium facilities to improve access and game-day experiences. High school planning teams are assisting in designing upgrades to the schools’ existing turf fields to create a stadium setting.

Bloomington Stadium - currently used by the high school outdoor sports teams - is in need of significant repairs of damage caused by a half century of weathering and to correct functional deficiencies of the facilities. Funding for upgrading the high school stadium sites will come from existing funds dedicated for deferred maintenance and construction projects.


Chad Nyberg, activities director952-806-7719cnyberg@isd271.org
Stephanie Kasel, activities secretary952-806-7627skasel@isd271.org
Baylee Buelke, athletic trainer952-806-7772bayleebeulke@tcomn.com
Wyatt Wutz, strength and conditioning coach wwutz@isd271.org



Jefferson Activity Center

Jefferson High School houses an Activity Center used for Jefferson activities that is also open to the community. Learn what the Jefferson and Kennedy Activity Centers have to offer, become a member and more.