JHS Final and End of Trimester Information

Published on Nov 10, 2020


JHS has crafted a finals schedule that reflects the distance learning model. Not every teacher will have a final exam in the traditional sense, but time is reserved for each class to proceed in a manner that best suits their needs.

Distance Learning Finals Schedule



Trimester One Grading

Trimester One ends on Tuesday, Nov. 24. Through studying our data and reviewing our distance learning instructional practices, we have determined that students will have some flexibility and grace in terms of grading this term. The three grading options are found below:

Option 1: The Default All students will be graded on an A-D letter grade scale. Students who do not pass their course(s) will earn an “incomplete” or “no credit.”
Option 2: The Pass Like last spring, we will allow students to OPT IN to a “pass” instead of a letter grade in ANY class. This option may be used for one course, multiple courses, or all courses.
Option 3: Incomplete/No Credit This term students will NOT earn an “F” if they do not pass the class. In most cases, students will be issued an “incomplete,” and will work with their trimester one teachers on a plan to earn a “pass” in that class. Once students satisfactorily complete all requirements, their grades will be changed from “incomplete” to “pass.” At this time there will not be a hard deadline for students to complete these requirements. Students should work in a timely manner with the goal of not having the "incomplete" extend into Trimester Three. For some students and classes a “no credit” may make more sense; this will be worked out on an individual basis.


Once final grades are posted at the end of the trimester, we will communicate how students and families can select the option that works best for each class. 

For now, this plan is for Trimester One grades only. We will review our process, data and systems for Trimesters Two and Three as we progress further into the year.