Updated JHS Distance Learning Bell Schedule

Published on Nov 24, 2020
Updated JHS Distance Learning Bell Schedule

One of the items we continuously sought feedback on was the distance learning class schedule. In response to this feedback, as well as continued evaluation of what worked well, we have made a few slight adjustments to the schedule:

  1. Synchronous classes have been extended from 30 minutes to 45 minutes. It is important to remind ourselves that teaching and learning can look different in a distance learning model. Many classes’ synchronous time is not solely reserved for direct instruction but for opportunities to collaborate, ask questions, and work on understanding.
  2. Each day starts at 9AM. Our Trimester 1 schedule had alternating start times which caused organizational confusion for some.
  3. Each class starts “on the hour.” This should also help with organizing the day.
  4. We have reframed Wednesdays so students can organize their work. Wednesdays are school days!
  5. We have added an academic seminar to Wednesdays. This will start with mostly interventions at the beginning, but we hope to add more to this throughout the trimester.

Click HERE for a link to the full schedule.