Mary Susan Bianchi portrait

Mary Susan Bianchi

Having been raised in Bloomington, it is a special privilege to be able to teach in this district. Although I hail from the blue and gold of the Mighty Eagles, I have found Jefferson High School to be a thriving environment to watch young people grow and develop. I teach Language Arts and enjoy looking at the argument in fiction and non-fiction literature. I am passionate about Happiness using mindfulness as a tool to increase our own happiness. When we increase our happiness, it raises the potential in all of us, in all areas--health, education, economics, and personal relationships. I live in Eden Prairie and have 3 much-loved children who keep me busy following their lives in college soccer and hockey.

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Language Arts
Jefferson High School
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LA2017A 1 AP English Lang & Comp A 01 (Main) Yes Yes Yes
LA2008A 2 English 11 American Lit A 02 (Main) Yes Yes Yes
LA2008A 3 English 11 American Lit A 03 (Main) Yes Yes Yes