Sean Foley portrait

Sean Foley

Mr. Foley has worked for Bloomington Public Schools since 1994 after graduating from Carleton College and student-teaching at St. Paul Central High School.  With the exception of 4 years spent at the district office working as a Secondary Curriculum Coordinator, Mr. Foley has been a math teacher at Jefferson.  He loves math and loves helping students to better understand and appreciate math!

Outside of teaching, Mr. Foley enjoys running, reading, crossword puzzles, and spending time with his family.  He and his wife Julie have two children:  Bridget and Nick.

Jefferson High School
(952) 806-7742


Class Name Periods Class Info Calendar Site
MA2019A 1 Honors Pre-Calculus A 01 (Main) Yes Yes Yes
MA2021A 1 AP Calculus BC A 03 (Main) Yes Yes Yes
MA2019A 3 Honors Pre-Calculus A 04 (Main) Yes Yes Yes
CT2030A 2 AP Computer Science Princ A 05 (Main) Yes Yes Yes
CT2030A 3 AP Computer Science Princ A 06 (Main) Yes Yes Yes
AD2010 8 Advisory 10 AD (Main)