2022-2023 Registration

Registration for the upcoming school year will begin in January and finish in late February. Please make sure you're prepared for registration by using the resources below. 

Registration Guide & Forms
2022-23 Registration Course Guide
Registration Directions
Registration Directions - Clickable
Grade 9 Registration Form
Grade 10-12 Registration Form
Credit Status Worksheet
Video Resources
Grade 9 Registration Video
Grade 10-12 Registration Video
Visual Arts Informational Video
Performing Arts Department Informational video
Grow Your Own Teachers program
Additional Resources and Slideshow Presentations
Registration Information for Open Enrollment or Transfer Students
Grade 9 Advanced Courses
Grade 9 Registration Presentation - English
Grade 9 Registration Presentation - Spanish
Grade 9 Registration Presentation - Somali
Grade 10-12 Registration Information Slideshow - English
Grade 10-12 Registration Information Slideshow - Spanish
Grade 10-12 Registration Information Slideshow - Somali
Grade 10-12 Advanced Programs Slideshow
PSEO Information
Career & College Academy Informational Slideshow
Kennedy Advanced Courses Information