Trimester 1 Important Grading and Finals Schedule

Published on Nov 17, 2020
Kennedy Tri 1 Finals Schedule

KHS Grading Trimester 1


What is the timeline for the end of trimester grading? 

Finals schedule is here. 


The last day of trimester one is Tuesday, November 24.  


Wednesday, November 25 is grading day and there is no school for students on this day.

How will students who have demonstrated proficiency of trimester one essential outcomes  be graded? 

At the end of trimester one, students who have demonstrated proficiency of trimester one essential outcomes will be assigned a letter grade (A-D). 

Can a student request a Pass?

Yes, students can request a Pass.  Students should initiate this request with their counselor through this google form. 


The purpose of the Pass option is to allow students an opportunity to take courses and not have the final grade impact their GPA.

What grade percentage must a student earn to receive a Pass (P)?  

Earning 60% and above will receive a Pass (P) credit


How are grades that are weighted (e.g. concurrent enrollment, PLTW, AP) impacted by a Pass? 

A grade of a Pass (P) will not be calculated into a student’s GPA. 

How will students who have NOT demonstrated proficiency of trimester one essential outcomes be graded? 

If a student hasn’t earned proficiency of trimester one essential outcomes, students will be assigned an Incomplete.  If students continue with the same teachers, opportunities will be provided for students to demonstrate proficiency of course essential outcomes. 

What if a student doesn’t have the course with an Incomplete next trimester? 

Plans will be made for students to earn course credit. This will be done in partnership with student, teacher, family, and support team members. 

Information provided on the Incomplete google form will be used to create a plan with the teacher, student, and parent.  A member of the student’s support team will partner with teachers, students, and families in these efforts. 

How will we ensure each student’s story is honored throughout this grading process? 

There may be cases in which a student’s story requires an individualized approach to grading. In these instances, a student support team member, in partnership with a Principal, will partner with teachers and provide guidance on a pathway to proficiency.