Aaron Evans

  • Preferred Method of Communication: My preferred method of communication is email to increase the chances of a timely response due to my schedule around the building.
  • Online Tools: Google Classroom is the primary method of sharing material 
  • Where do I find materials if I'm absent: Google Classroom and/or in Social Studies classroom with shared teacher
  • Retake Policy: Email or meet with  me to set up a retake as needed.  
EBD Teacher
Kennedy High School
(952) 681-6361
Class Name Periods Class Info Site
SP2004A 1 ABLE Social Studies A 01 (Main) Yes Yes
SP2028A 1 Vision Social Studies A 01 (Main) Yes Yes
SP2004A 2 ABLE Social Studies A 02 (Main) Yes Yes
SP2054A 1 Sails Social Studies 2 A 02 (Main) Yes Yes
SP2016A 1 Look Social Studies A 03 (Main) Yes Yes
SP2014A 2 Look Math A 06 (Main) Yes Yes
AA2000 7 Activity Course ACTV (Main)