Bloomington Grad Rates Align with Strategic Vision

Published on May 05, 2022

Bloomington Public Schools’ four-year graduation rate dipped amid the disruptions of the pandemic, with the 2021 four-year rate decreasing by 2.7 percentage points compared to the previous year. However, graduation rates improved by five percentage points for English language learners and by 2.5 percentage points for Black students. The state four-year rate decreased slightly compared to the prior year.

The Bloomington seven-year graduation rate of 90.9 percent has continued to rise over four years and outpaces the state seven-year average, with Jefferson and Kennedy high schools achieving a 95.3 and an 89.6 percent seven-year graduation rates, respectively. That is, nine out of every ten students graduate within seven years, according to Dr. David Heistad, executive director of research, evaluation and assessment.  

The data demonstrates the impact of the school district’s vision and strategy to ensure students graduate career and college ready, said Heistad. 

“Bloomington Public Schools is committed to making sure all learners are prepared to continue their educational journey without requiring developmental or remedial coursework at the post secondary level, or enter a career track that provides a livable wage,” Heistad added. 

Students are eligible to defer their high school diploma until their Personal Growth Plan goals are met, remaining enrolled in district programs up to age 21. Graduation data are available on the Minnesota Report Card.