Celebration of Service

Published on May 26, 2022

Bloomington Public Schools honored 67 employees with a combined 1,306 years of service to the district at the Celebration of Service May 25. The annual reception recognized employees with 10 or more years of employment at the time of their retirement or departure. 

Three retiring educators shared reflections on their time with Bloomington:

Celebration of Service

Susan Duffey has taught first grade at Olson Elementary School for 31 years. 

“It has been a privilege to have worked with such outstanding people and families,” Duffey said. ”I couldn't have asked for a better career or better teams to be a part of. The excitement the students have for learning is the most motivating part of my day. I will truly miss that and the day-to-day smiles, hugs, and laughter from them as well as the camaraderie from my colleagues. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of the Bloomington Public School organization.”

Jeff Evens has been a fixture at Jefferson High School since 1970, first as a child tagging along with his father Jack (retired JHS teacher and coach) to Saturday morning basketball practices and high school events, and later as a JHS student from 1977-80 and for the past 36 years as a teacher and coach at Jefferson. In addition to teaching health and physical education, Evens has coached boys basketball for 36 seasons, assistant baseball for 16 seasons, and golf for the past 20 seasons.

“Jefferson has been my home away from home for the better part of two-thirds of my life. In the past 36 years, I have been very fortunate to call many of my colleagues, former students and players close personal friends. In retirement, I plan to continue my relationship with Jefferson substitute teaching and continuing to coach."

Joan Maland will retire at the end of the school year after 38 years in education. She served as principal at Indian Mounds Elementary for 14 years before moving to Valley View Elementary in 2019. 

“It has been an honor to serve in a profession that has allowed me to work with amazing students, families and colleagues. People I will always hold dear. Thank you to Bloomington Public Schools and the Bloomington community for everything you have done to support Indian Mounds, Valley View, my staff and me through the years.”

We congratulate and thank our longest-serving employees for their hard work and dedication to Bloomington Public Schools and wish them the best in their future endeavors:

  • Colleen McLaughlin, speech language pathologist, 36 years
  • Michelle Engel, speech language pathologist, 34 years
  • Connie Oldfather, kindergarten teacher, 34 years
  • Judy Bergstreser, administrative secretary, 32 years
  • Susan Duffey, grade 1 teacher, 32 years
  • Michelle Mccarty, pre-kindergarten teacher, 31 years
  • Debra Pike, elementary school secretary, 31 years
  • Stephanie Bruggman, occupational therapist, 30 years
  • Tracey Hetland, registration clerk, 30 years
  • Jane O'Connell, family consumer science teacher, 29 years
  • Kathryn Banisky, grade 7 teacher, 28 years
  • Joan Hubbard, cook manager, 28 years
  • Marilyn Benson, elementary school secretary, 27 years
  • Kevin Coenen, technology integrationist, 27 years
  • Jeff Evens, health/physical education teacher, 27 years
  • Sandra Stevens, attendance clerk, 26 years
  • Matthew Wise, homebound teacher, 25 years
  • Rebecca Lee Anderson, ECSE teacher, 24 years
  • Frederick Ballew, K-5 computer science/band teacher, 24 years
  • Christine Everett, counselor, 24 years
  • Julie Knose, media center clerk, 24 years
  • Lori Kosey, grade 1 teacher, 24 years
  • Karolyn Shelstad-Otto, teacher, 23 years
  • Deborah Wagner, paraprofessional, 23 years
  • Jeffrey Huenecke, pre-kindergarten teacher, 22 years
  • Gretchen Johnson, counselor, 22 years
  • Sean Mckamie, K-5 physical education teacher, 22 years
  • Joseph Zimmermann, math teacher, 22 years
  • Carol Seal, high school secretary, 21 years
  • Marilisa Wallace, world language teacher, 21 years
  • Elizabeth Greenblat, paraprofessional, 20 years
  • Gary Peteler, bus driver, 19 years
  • Lori Gerhardson, paraprofessional tech support, 17 years
  • Joan Maland, elementary principal, 17 years
  • Dana Martodam, grade 4 teacher, 17 years
  • Lori Matlon, media center clerk, 17 years
  • Helen Wells, STRIVE program teacher, 17 years
  • Patti Arteel, teacher, 16 years
  • Michelle Friedland, grade 4 teacher, 16 years
  • Mary Lanoue, special education teacher, 16 years
  • Cory Wade, dean of students, 16 years
  • Eric Egger, IT specialist, 15 years
  • Deborah Lingen, program management professional, 15 years
  • Stephen Searl, assistant principal, 15 years
  • Laurie Wehr, food services, 15 years
  • Krista French, youth and family coordinator, 14 years
  • Harold Alsup, bus driver, 13 years
  • Todd V Anderson, math teacher,  13 years
  • Leticia Borgen, program management professional, 13 years
  • Rodney Daniels, bus driver, 13 years
  • Lisa Gauper, administrative clerk, 13 years
  • Molly O'Brien, youth and family coordinator, 13 years
  • Dennard Shelton, program management professional, 13 years
  • Mark Eggers, social studies teacher, 12 years
  • Maria Bonete, food services, 11 years
  • Jude Desotelle, special education teacher, 11 years
  • Blanche Hamilton, instructional assistant, 11 years
  • Jacob Hodgson, assistant coordinator, 11 years
  • James Hunt, bus driver, 11 years
  • John Jones, paraprofessional, 11 years
  • Minal Sahu, activities leader, 11 years
  • Lisa Schenk, science teacher, 11 years
  • Charles Guth, maintenance tech II, 10 years
  • David Heistad, executive director, 10 years
  • Julie Lawal, program management professional, 10 years
  • Michelle Ratike, program management professional, 10 years
  • Emily Smeltzer, teacher/intervention specialist, 10 years