New Strategic Planning Process Underway

Published on Jan 19, 2023

Bloomington Public Schools launched a collaborative effort this month to develop a new multi-year strategic plan. While the school board and district administration periodically updated the current strategic plan, including a renewed focus on Pathways to Career & College in 2017, it’s been more than 15 years since the original plan was written.

The current process is designed to empower stakeholders - parents and caregivers, district employees, community and business leaders, and high school students - to create a shared vision and goals for the future of the district and strategies to achieve them. 

“Learning is the focus of our work, so we frequently ask, ‘why do we do the things we do in our schools?’,” said Superintendent Eric Melbye. “This is an opportunity to reset our schools to be focused on our students, on equity, participation and creation, not just consumption.” 

Dr. Melbye said the current Strategic Plan Development Team (SPDT) includes a diverse and representative group of 90 internal and external stakeholders. The team is working with the Chicago-based Catalyst for Educational Change, to present a draft strategic plan to the School Board this spring.

In addition to the development team, Melbye said the process welcomes feedback from all stakeholders. “Feedback is an important part of the planning process,” said Melbye. “We invite members of our school community to follow the work of the team, and share their perspectives.”

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