AMIGO Program Sign-up Information

Published on May 19, 2020

Check out this AMIGO video to see some reasons why families choose the AMIGO program!

We LOVE AMIGO Program!


AMIGO Program Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do 2nd Grade students transition into the program?
    Each year we begin with purposeful team building to welcome 2nd Grade students to the team. Each new student is paired with an older Amigo buddy. Buddies provide a connection for new students and leadership opportunities for older students.
  • Is there a certain profile for a child to be successful in the Amigo program?
    Families choose the Amigo program for different reasons. All types of students are successful in the Amigo program.
  • Are other Normandale Hills services available to students on the Amigo team?
    All Normandale Hills services (i.e. Special Education, Enrichment, etc.) are available to students on the Amigo Team.
  • If it is so positive for children, why not implement this approach throughout the whole school?
    We like to offer our families choice. Both programs are very successful.
  • Is a foreign language part of the Amigo program curriculum?
    No. However, all students have an opportunity to enroll in our Knightly Adventures after-school Spanish enrichment class taught throughout the year.
  • Do Amigo students interact during the school day with students who are not on the Amigo Team?
    No. Students will maintain those First Grade friendships outside of the school day.
  • Are there any other schools in Bloomington that offer this type of model?
    No. There are no other three-year multi-age programs in Bloomington.
  • Is there a waitlist if my child is not selected for the program this year?
    Yes. There are occasions where an opening on the Amigo program would occur due to a family moving out of our District. In this situation we then contact families on the waitlist before the school year begins and ask if they are still interested in joining the Amigo program.  
  • What if I am still uncertain after attending the information meeting?
    Feel free to contact Dr. Vollmuth, Principal, if you have additional questions. You can reach him at 952-806-7000 or