Normandale Hills Flipgrid Variety Show

Published on May 19, 2020

Although we are not able to host the Variety Show as we normally do, we would still like to offer our students the chance to showcase their talents!

The NH Variety Show will go live on Friday, May 29 at 6 p.m. and run through Thursday, June 4

Submit videos on Flipgrid: May 20-May 27. Videos submitted after May 27 will not be entered.

Video Guidelines

  • Videos must be no longer than 2 ½ minutes. Videos longer than 2 ½ minutes will not be included.
  • School dress code applies. Attire should be elementary-age appropriate.
  • Family members can be in your video (with their permission of course)! Many students liked to perform with a friend or two in the Variety Show, but as this year things are a bit different, go ahead and ask your siblings, mom or dad to join you in your video.
  • Any music used must be age-appropriate for elementary students. No violent, foul language or otherwise distasteful or inappropriate lyrics for elementary students will be permitted.
  • This is a family-friendly and elementary age-appropriate event! Please make sure videos reflect the NH values of being respectful, responsible, and safe. Be a KNIGHT, do things right… and SHINE!

All videos will be previewed to ensure content appropriateness. Parents will be notified in the event a student submits a video that does not meet the above qualifications.

Submitting Your Video

  1. Visit our Flipgrid site 
  2. Press the green +
  3. Add your name; DO NOT add e-mail address. Click “Let’s Go.”
  4. When you see yourself on screen, click the video camera button and record.
  5. When complete, click next.
  6. Review your video and click next again.
  7. Take a selfie and click next again.
  8. Add the following information to your title and press submit!

Please include:

  • Your name and grade
  • Type of performance (i.e. dance, vocal, sports skill, card trick, cooking demonstration, etc.)
  • Song title and artist if using music

Variety Show Video Ideas

  • Riding a bike
  • Playing sports
  • Making a craft
  • Building something
  • Hula-hoop
  • Jump rope
  • Cards/magic trick
  • Singing
  • Dancing
  • Playing a musical instrument
  • Reciting a poem or rhyme

Be creative! Show your latest skill or talent! Have fun!


Christina Stockton
Variety Show Coordinator

Cristin Caruso 
NH Tech Integrationist