Brianna Andresen portrait

Brianna Andresen

Hello! My name is Brianna Andresen and I am very excited to do a job-share in First Grade with Mrs. Swedberg again this year!  Previously I taught second grade for 7 years and half-day kindergarten for five years, all here in Bloomington.  I have a husband and four children, two girls and twin boys.  I enjoy taking family walks, shopping, and playing with my little kids. This will be a great year filled with learning, fun, and new experiences!

Grade 1
Normandale Hills Elementary
(952) 806-7042
Class Name
G100-HR 201 Homeroom Gr 1
G101-LA 201 English Language Arts Gr 1
G102-MA 201 Math Gr 1
G103-SS 201 Social Studies Gr 1
G104-SC 201 Science Gr 1
G105-HE 201 Health Gr 1