Peter Knutson portrait

Peter Knutson

Hi! My name is Peter Knutson and this is my first year teaching at Oak Grove Middle School. I am so excited to be teaching 6th grade social studies. I'm also excited to get to know all of the students and families. I spent my last two years teaching 2nd grade at Normandale Hills Elementary School. I recently graduated from Bethel University in St. Paul. I also coach for the Jefferson High School varsity football team as the wide recievers coach. I love sports, music, books, learning, going on the lake, and excercising. I look forward to a great year here at school!

Social Studies
Normandale Hills Elementary
(952) 806-7039
Social Studies
Oak Grove Middle School
(952) 806-7039
Class Name
G200-HR 204 Homeroom Gr 2
G201-LA 204 English Language Arts Gr 2
G202-MA 204 Math Gr 2
G203-SS 204 Social Studies Gr 2
G204-SC 204 Science Gr 2
G205-HE 204 Health Gr 2