Welcome to Normandale Hills!

At Normandale Hills Elementary, we foster a positive school culture that is defined by enriched learning connections, continuous innovation of instructional practices, and active community involvement to enhance our commitment to excellence. Several avenues for student learning success are provided through programs such as our multi-age Amigo (Grades 2-4) program, multiple extended school day opportunities, and our annual, school-wide Festival of Learning.  We are proud to be a MESPA recognized Minnesota School of Excellence.

MESPA School fo Excellence


The Normandale Hills school community is committed to maximizing individual excellence by developing capable, ethical children with a passion for learning using innovative, quality programs and fostering a sense of community. Our motto is Be A Knight, and Do Things Right!

Welcome to Normandale Hills! Here is our school song!

Positive School Culture

Normandale Hills is a community where all belong, and our staff works tirelessly to create a positive academic and social experience for all learners. Every student receives equitable academic, social, emotional and behavioral support that is culturally responsive and developmentally appropriate. Normandale Hills staff teach and emphasize our school-wide expectations of respect, responsibility and safety and encourage students to follow these ideals “at all times and in all places.” Our positive school culture is developed and celebrated through daily classroom meetings, monthly all school rallies and student recognition awards, such as Knight Notes and the Kindness Kids award.

We all belong to the Normandale Hills' school community!

Student Leadership Opportunities

Normandale Hills staff encourages our students to be leaders at school and the surrounding community, and students have opportunities to practice these leadership skills within the classroom. All fifth grade students are given a job that provides service to the greater school community such as Safety and Kindergarten Patrols or participating on the NH Kids News (morning news broadcast).

Safety Patrols

Rich in Diversity

The Normandale Hills community is enriched by students and families who represent more than 20 countries and languages. Our school staff has been structured to meet the needs of all learners and benefits from a full-time student and family advocate as well as cultural liaison staff that are representative of the student population. 

Normandale Hills has a tradition of incorporating the study of people and cultures from around the world as part of each child’s school experience. Each year, as part of our Festival of Learning, staff incorporate this tradition into their day-to-day instruction as we develop an understanding of and appreciation for the diversity that exists in our school community and society. The culmination of this year-long study is a school-wide event where students share their learning with families as part of our Festival of Learning showcase.

Students playing on the playground.

Strong Community and Family Engagement

We know that teamwork is essential to provide the best education possible, and we have strong, collaborative partnerships with families and community organizations. Normandale Hills understands the importance of partnering with families and our community as collectively we work to meet the academic and social needs of all students.

The Normandale Hills Parent Teacher Association (PTA) has a long tradition of creating meaningful engagement opportunities for families through monthly meetings and multiple volunteer opportunities including our annual school-wide Read-A-Thon. As a result of this parent driven opportunity, Normandale Hills students have benefited from additional books in our Media Center, increased technology in our classrooms, and camp like experiences for our fourth and fifth grade students. 


Our amazing music teacher, Mr. Z and staff create a video every year to encourage reading for our annual Read-A-Thon!