Timothy Girod portrait

Timothy Girod

Tim Girod has been teaching for Bloomingtoon Public Schools at Oak Grove Middle School as a Life Science Teacher and Dimensions Academy Teacher for 11 years.  He has earned a B.S. in Science, a B.A. in Biology, and an M.S. in Biology with a focus in Ecology.  

BOS Science 6-8
Bloomington Online Middle School
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BOS Science 6-8
Jefferson High School
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BOS Science 6-8
Valley View Middle School
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Class Name Periods Calendar Site
SC1801W 1 Science 8 Web C1 (A/B) Yes Yes
SC1801W 2 Science 8 Web C2 (A/B) Yes Yes
SC1801W 3 Science 8 Web C3 (A/B) Yes Yes
SC1701W 3 Science 7 Web C4 (A/B) Yes Yes
AD1701W 3 Advisory 7 Web Launch (A/B) Yes Yes