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506 Form

If a student OR a student's parent OR a grandparent is an enrolled member of an American Indian Nation, a 506 form should be filled out.

What is a 506 Form?

In order to apply for a formula grant under the Office of Indian Education, Bloomington Public Schools must first determine the number of American Indian students attending its schools by having those families fill out a 506 Form. 

Families are not required to fill out a 506 form. However, if you choose not to submit a form, the district cannot count your child for funding under the program.

This form will be kept with the Indian Education Program and is confidential. The form does not need to be completed every year.

An eligible American Indian person is one of the following: 

  1. a member of an Indian tribe or band, including those Indian tribe or bands terminated since 1940, and those recognized by the state in which the tribe or band reside.
  2. a descendent in the first or second degree (parent or grandparent) as described in #1.
  3. considered by the Secretary of the Interior to be an Indian for any purpose.
  4. an Eskimo or Aleut or other Alaska Native.
  5. a member of an organized Indian group that received a grant under the Indian Education Act of 1988 as it was in effect October 19, 1994.


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