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Summer SLAM

Effective Tuesday, July 16, all Summer SLAM classes and programs will be moved from Olson Middle School to Jefferson High School for the remainder of the summer schedule. For those who are registered, Extended Care will also be moved to Jefferson.

Jefferson is located two blocks east of Olson at 4001 W. 102nd St. Please enter through Door #1, the school’s main entrance.

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Intervention & Consequences

Listed below are forms of severe misconduct and the minimum disciplinary actions associated with each. The building/program administrator or designee has the discretion to modify disciplinary actions based on the circumstances of the situation. The list is not intended to be all-inclusive, and other forms of misconduct not included will be addressed as necessary by the staff.

Violations Against Persons

misconductMinimum Disciplinary Action
Assault: An act intending to cause fear in another or immediate bodily harm or death, or intentionally inflicting or attempting to inflict bodily harm upon another.Parent/guardian-administrator/designee-student conference. Suspension. Consideration  for expulsion.
Aggravated Assault: Committing an assault with a dangerous weapon, or assault which inflicts great bodily harm upon another person.Parent/guardian-administrator/designee-student conference. Notification of police. Suspension. Consideration for expulsion.
Disruptive Behavior/Attire: Disruptive activities will be addressed if they pose a threat to a positive, safe, secure learn- ing and working environment. Clothing, jewelry, tattoos, and other attire which may be disruptive to the educational process will be addressed.Reviewed on a case-by-case basis if considered to be obscene, libelous, slanderous, or likely to disrupt the educational process or provoke others to  react in a violent or illegal manner; or is dangerous to the safety and welfare of self or others. Disruptive behavior/ attire is corrected/modified.
Fighting: Mutual combat in which both parties have contributed to the situation.Parent/guardian-administrator/designee-student conference.  Suspension. Consideration for expulsion.
Fireworks/Ammunition: Possession or use of fireworks, incendiary devices, ammunition, or other explosives.Mandatory suspension and consideration for expulsion. Confiscation of device. Parent/guardian notification. Consider notification of police.
Inflicting Bodily Harm: Committing an accidental act which, although a result of poor judgment, inflicts great bodily harm upon another person.Parent/guardian-administrator/designee-student conference. Suspension. Consideration for expulsion.
Repeated Refusal to Cooperate: Repeated inappropriate behavior that seriously violates the rights of others. In spite of prior interventions, the behavior continues to occur with such frequency that routine disciplinary actions have been deemed ineffective.Parent/guardian-administrator/designee-student conference. Suspension. Consideration for expulsion.
Robbery/Extortion: The obtaining of property from another where his/her consent was induced by use of force or a threat of force.Parent/guardian-administrator/designee-student conference. Notification of police. Initiate search procedures.  Suspension. Restitution. Consideration for expulsion.
Sexual Misconduct: Engaging in nonconsensual sexual contact with another person if the action is performed with sexual aggressive intent.Parent/guardian notification. Notification of police.   Suspension.  Consideration for expulsion.
Terroristic Threat: Threatening directly or indirectly to commit a crime of violence with the purpose of terrorizing another person.Parent/guardian-administrator/designee-student conference. Notification of police. Suspension. Consideration for expulsion. 

Violations Against Property

MisconductMinimum Disciplinary Action
Arson: Intentional destruction or damage to school property by means of fire.Parent/guardian notification. Consider notification of police and/or fire departments. Suspension. Restitution. Consideration for expulsion. 
Damage of Property (Vandalism): Willful or wanton defacing or destruction of any property belonging to the school district, district staff, or others.Parent/guardian-administrator/designee-student conference. Notification of police. Initiate search procedures. Suspension. Restitution. Consideration for expulsion.
False Fire Alarm/Bomb Threat: False activation of fire alarm/communication to another for the purpose of terrorizing another by indicating that an explosive of some kind is present in the school building, school grounds, or another location used for school activities, regardless of whether the source is in fact present.Parent/guardian-administrator/designee-student conference. Notification of police. Initiate search procedures. Suspension. Restitution. Consideration for expulsion.
Tampering with Fire Safety: Tampering with fire extinguisher, sprinkler system, etc.Parent/guardian-administrator/designee-student conference. Notification of police and/or fire department. Restitution. Suspension.
Theft: The unauthorized taking of the property of another.Initiate search procedures. Notification of parent/guardian. Consider notification of police. Restitution. 

Violations of Other District Policies

misconductminimum disciplinary action
HarassmentRefer to District Policy 413 and 418
Tobacco (see District Policy and Regulation 418; Policy and Regulation 419; M.S. 121A.031): Intentional destruction or damage to school property by means of fire.   Confiscation. Parent/guardian-designee-student conference. Notification of police. Application of Minnesota State High School League rules. Student conference with Safe and Drug-Free Schools Coordinator. Participation in smoking diversion program or suspension. Third violation results in four-day suspension and consideration for expulsion.
Misbehavior on School Bus (see District Policy and Regulation 707; M.S. 123B.88; M.S. 123B.91): Behavior which interferes with safe and efficient transportation of students to and from school functions and/or failure to accept or carry out instructions given by the bus driver. Driver-studentor supervisor-student conference. Possible referral to administrator/designee. Parent/guardian notification.
Continued disorderly conduct or severe misbehavior on the bus: defined in Policy 707Loss or suspension of school bus privileges. Parent/guardian notification. 
Weapons (District Policy 501; M.S. 121A.44): Possession of a weapon or a look-alike weapon. Confiscation. Parent/guardian notification. Notification of police. Suspension. Notification of Director of Student Services and recommendation for dismissal for a period of time not to exceed one calendar year. 
Alcohol/Chemicals (see District Policy and Regulation 418 and 419 M.S. 144.4165 M.S. 340A.503 M.S. 152.092)
Possession or Use 
Possession of, or influenced by, the use of alcohol, any narcotic, or controlled substance; or possession of drug paraphernalia prohibited by Minnesota or federal law. 
Intent to Sell, Buy or Distribute 
Selling, buying or distributing, or alleging or intending to sell, buy or distribute alcohol, any narcotic, or controlled substance where sale or distribution is prohibited by law.
Confiscation. Initiate search procedures. Notification of police. Refer to Health Associate for observation if student appears to be under the influence. Contact parent/guardian and request they come to school and remove student. Suspension. Chemical use assessment. Student-parent/guardian-school official reinstatement conference. Intention to sell or distribute or repeated violations will result in consideration for expulsion.
Search Procedures (see District Policy and Regulation 502; M.S. 121A.71): School officials may inspect lockers and desks for any reason without consent or a search warrant. Personal possessions and/or a student's person may be inspected based on a reasonable suspicion that the search will uncover a violation of law or school rules.Students found to be in violation of school rules or law shall be subject to discipline in accordance with district policy, which may include suspension, expulsion, or referral to legal authorities. 

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