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TSIS Transition

TIES Evaluation: Transition to a new Student Information System

Over the summer, district leaders began an evaluation of our current TIES services after TIES announced their plan to sunset their Student Information System (TSIS). This post is is meant to catch Bloomington staff up on the reasons for this evaluation, the process and timeline.

TIES has announced its plans to sunset TSIS and focus on fewer projects in the near future after finding it difficult to compete with the other leading student information systems. TIES has also begun evaluating its other services, its organizational structure, and its strategic plan, forcing us to begin looking to move to a new student information system as well as other TIES systems. The evaluation process will also take the Right Sizing the Budget process into consideration in order to evaluate large expenses and look for cost savings.

Services from the TIES Student Information System (TSIS) include:

  • Demographic and MARSS reporting
  • Scheduling and Transcripting
  • Health Services
  • Attendance and Gradebook
  • SchoolView

Focus teams met with leading vendors of major systems to view the core features, with a recommendation to the Superintendent’s Cabinet this fall.  The targeted date to migrate to a new student information system is summer 2016.

After an extensive evaluation process, the district chose to transition to Infinite Campus to serve as our new Student Information System.

We worked diligently to choose a system that provides better features to serve student, parent and staff needs.  Thorough planning, comprehensive training and robust support will be part of a smooth transition.