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City Council - School Board Joint Statement on Immigration

In a joint meeting held on May 30, the Bloomington City Council and Bloomington School Board made a joint statement intended to help ease anxiety among the community's immigrant population. The statement was prepared by City and District leaders and community members in response to reports of intimidation or targeting of immigrants in the city.


We, the Bloomington City Council and School Board, recognize that current times have revealed an atmosphere of anger, fear and anxiety around immigration. These conditions have created incidents and uncertainties within our community that are very real. And where there are uncertainties for some there are uncertainties for all. 

Statement on Immigration

We believe diversity is one of our greatest strengths. We welcome a community that is a rich and beautiful tapestry of national origin, ethnicity, race, religion and other diverse identities. 
We are One Bloomington united by our desire to build a strong community that we can all enjoy. Our community members have a right to live their lives with dignity, free of harassment and unlawful discrimination. 
The City of Bloomington and Bloomington Public Schools are committed to: 
  • Engaging diverse Bloomington communities to identify effective actions;
  • Making services accessible and equitable to all regardless of immigration status;
  • Treating all who live, learn, work, worship, and play with dignity; and
  • Advocating for civil liberties, human rights, freedoms, and interests.
We invite the community to join the City and School District to: 
  • Participate in ongoing community conversations on immigration and equity;
  • Work together to achieve human rights and dignity for all; and
  • Learn more about your neighbors from all cultures.
On behalf of our respective organizations, we, Gene Winstead, Mayor of the City of Bloomington, Minnesota, and Ricardo Oliva, Chair of the Bloomington School Board, do hereby affirm the commitment to our values and beliefs in equity, inclusion, civility, and tolerance. 

Dated this 30th day of May, 2017 
Gene Winstead, Mayor, City of Bloomington 
Ricardo Oliva, Chair, Bloomington School Board

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