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Personal Growth Plans

What is a Personal Growth Plan?

A Personal Growth Plan helps students and parents track progress and goals through the school years and prepare for post-high school plans.
Each student's Personal Growth Plan includes information and/or goals in the following areas:
  1. Academic Indicators like grades, test scores, academic goals, etc.
  2. Life & Social Skills like participation in extracurricular activities, attendance data, life & social goals, etc.
  3. Career & College Planning (Grades 6-12) like career interest inventories, resume tools, course planning, etc.

Is every student required to develop a PGP?

Yes. Bloomington Public Schools' vision is to create Pathways to Graduation for all learners to prepare them for the next level of study, to graduate, and to enter college or a career with the necessary skills to be successful. Plans are also mandated by the World's Best Workforce legislation (Statute 120b.125).

Completing Personal Growth Plan activities, including developing a post secondary plan, is a requirement for graduation from Bloomington Public Schools per BPS School Board Policy 601.1.

What can my student expect in the 17-18 school year?

High school students began creating their PGP throughout the 2016-17 school year. Using an online tool called Naviance Family Connection, students completed a series of required activities during Advisory period. (link to grade activity summary). Activities for seniors aim to help students make a successful transition from high school to postsecondary education or the workforce. Parents and guardians are encouraged to log on with their student and talk about the activities and how they relate to their post secondary plans.

Middle school students will begin developing a PGP during the upcoming school year.

All students in early childhood through adult education will eventually have a PGP. For an overall view of when PGPs will be rolled out at each level, please see the PGP timeline.