Come learn with us at Olson Elementary School!

Olson is a neighborhood school that focuses on the whole child.  Staff spends a multitude of time getting to know each student so they feel safe and will take academic risks. We recognize the importance of connecting with and caring for the children and families we serve.  Academically, staff challenge students to stretch themselves to be the best learners they can be. Hands on learning is encouraged and technology is used as a tool to reach beyond the walls of our school. Olson takes pride in offering a culture where students are excited to come to school each day!

Small class sizes

Research proves that smaller class sizes contribute to higher academic achievement.  At Olson Elementary our average class size is 22. This allows students to feel supported in their learning and staff can personalize instruction to best meet the needs of their students.

Positive School Culture

At Olson Elementary, we believe in community values of respect, responsibility, integrity, citizenship, and honesty, and our student-centered programs reflect those values. Students are recognized at monthly rallies for academic and/or behavior achievements. Teachers begin each year promoting positive behavior by teaching core values, including social media expectations.


English Language (EL) teachers work alongside classroom teachers to create an environment that nurtures students who are bilingual and/or Non-English speakers. These interactions benefit all students by offering multicultural experiences and small group attention.