During School Activities

Husky Pride Leadership Academy, also known as Student Council, is a group of students providing and creating innovative ideas to benefit the Oak Grove Middle School community. They also assist with raising funds for school-wide activities, including social events, community projects, helping people in need and school reform.


Patti Lang

Young Women's Leadership (YWLF) is a group of young women dedicated to making themselves, the school and the community a better place to be. The forum teaches young women how to develop their strengths by focusing on conflict management skills, cliques, how girls treat each other at school, online and outside of school, how to build relationships and be an advocate for those that are bullied or don’t have the leadership skills. We will also work on fundraisers and awareness campaigns. 

YWLF Application


Jennie Berglund

Allison Lindman

Activities Before and After School

Targeted Services After School programming is offered from 2:37 - 4:45 p.m. to support students with academic and social-emotional learning needs. This programming is provided at no cost and includes academic support as well as opportunities for students to engage in the arts, pursue interests, and build leadership skills. Snacks and transportation are also provided.

Targeted Services Programming will start on October 2. 



Mike Bornetum

BEC-TV teams with students to create award-winning video programming. Students work alongside pros to create video productions for Bloomington’s athletics, fine arts, and community events that are live-streamed to a worldwide audience. You’ll get to work in a hands-on environment, combining your creativity with the latest professional technology to work toward a team goal.


Tom Ringdal

Joining the Math Team is a great way to challenge your math skills and have fun doing math problems in a group. The Math Team competes with other schools throughout the school year. Students work as a team and individuals on challenging math problems. The first five competitions are part of the Minnesota Junior High Math League. The final competition is the MathCounts Competition; students may qualify for the state and national competition.


Eric Petterson

Theater Workshop is a six-week after-school club for Oak Grove Middle students, grades 6, 7 and 8. The workshop is typically offered in the fall and spring and is an opportunity for students to learn and develop their acting skills. 

Topics include character development, improv, Laban theory of movement, voice, projection & diction. 

Oak Grove Theatre Company Website