Family Tech Tip: Be Internet Brave

Published on Mar 03, 2020

We hope you’ve started some valuable family discussions utilizing the activities and prompts we’ve provided from Google’s Be Internet Awesome family guide. 

This month, we’re sharing the fifth and final component, Be Internet Brave, which emphasizes the importance of kids’ speaking up when they see or hear something online that makes them feel uncomfortable. 

Below is an activity that your family can complete to begin the discussion about being brave online.

Family Activity

Complete this activity that provides sample scenarios to talk about as a family. Activity goals include the following: 

  1. Encouraging kids to ask for help when things get negative or they feel uncomfortable, helping them see that supporting others and asking for help to make things better are brave things to do. 

  2. Considering whether a situation calls for talking things out offline and face to face, reporting the abuse online, or both. 

Understanding the options for getting help, both on- and offline.